Happy 2014!

Happy New Year, Everyone!
Hope noone forgot to make a wish and drink a whole glass of champagne on the 31st of December! I did it! I also made a mistake in my wish. Anyway I am the one who is going to accomplish the goals/wishes/dreams ... whatever !

I am now in Helsinki. We arrived on the 3rd of January. The 2nd of January we spent in St.Petersburg, tired, sleepy and depressed! We have had an amazing time in Chisinau, Moldova, we recharged our batteries, we refreshed our values and life expectations. We had a very busy schedule as we had to meet so many friends and relatives, I also had to visit some bars&restaurants to get some ideas and just to remember how good is it to pay 1 euro instead of 6  for a drink. My mom also tought me some new (easy) recipes, we ate so much during 2 weeks, I cann´t even tell you how hard is it to eat - eat - eat wherever you go! :) But it was worth it! 

Here are some of the most vivid memories I have. A nice, warm night spent with our friends in the Center City of Chisinau. 
The lights and the decorations this year are priceless. The New Year´s Spirit was easy to feel! 

Thank you friends for making our vacation that hard bright!  You are the BEST!

Happy New Year! 
Be kind, humble and ambitious!