New Year´s Eve in Moldova

For some of you winter vacation has finished a long time ago, some of you are asking me now "what is it vacation?" and the other part (people like me) are still enjoying the last days of it. 

To be true I am a little bit bored, and I actually wait for the lessons to begin. I also started to look for an internship/job here in Helsinki. But let´s talk about it in some other post, and for now let me introduce you one more time my dearest family and let me show you a little, just little part of our family celebration. 

As you can see we had a 30 minutes 45 minutes photosession first, and then we started our festive dinner.

This is just a part of the dinner that my mother cooked. We (Vio and I) spent the whole day seeing friends, as in 48 hours we had to leave. I am looking at this table now, and ohh.... I should have eaten more!

Here are some salads and some aperitiff.

These are bacon rolls and mushroom rolls.

My all time favorite: Cheese, Garlic and Mayonese.

And the tipical ham assorti :

New Year´s Eve - my favorite celebration! There are so many days till the next one! At least I know one thing, this is MY YEAR - and it is going to be AWESOME!