Vapiano Restaurant

Several days ago we visited for the first time a well known italian restaurant "Vapiano". With its casual, easy and friendly environment, fast and delicious food, smiling stuff and medium - low prices (low for Finland, medium for Spain, huge for Moldova) - they got my attention.

The design of the restaurant is very "easy". You are feeling very cosy and comfortable there. There is a lot of space, no privacy of course, but that is not a problem in Vapiano. 

Fresh basil on all the tables and this huge tree (I think it was an olive tree, if it is possible, I´m not sure) in the middle of one of the sitting areas - charming.

The second floor is more classy, what makes it like that I think is the light. This red corner looked very elegant.

Like in every fast food restaurant, you have to serve yourself. You have to stay in the queue, and than come to pick up your order. There is a corner where you ask for pizza...

... and there is another place where you ask for pasta. You can stay and look how are they preparing your dish, or you may come later to pick it up.

I thought  that this is specific just for Finland - Free water. Someone told me that there are more countries in Europe that offer you water for free. I don´t now, I didn´t see it with my eyes. What i know for now is that in Helsinki wherever I go (except McDonalds) the water is free. Excellent.

You are also given this kind of device, and it starts beeping when your oder is made, so you can come and pick it. Easy. 

We asked for Pizza.

This was mine. Delicious. I loved it!

Everyone remained satisfied!

You are also given at the beginning a CARD, and when you are ordering , it is charged with the sum of money that you have to pay. At the end, when you are living you are paying. You can see the process in the picture below. They aslo have this Gummy Teddy Bears.

With 121 reviews, 4/5 stars, 74% of reccomendations, TripAdvisor ranked this Vapiano from Helsinki as #88 out of 869 restaurants from Helsinki.

My own opinion, for the only time I went there, I liked it. I would reccomend it as a nice, not expensive italian restaurant. Maybe even If I go to another country/city I would visit it one more time. 
The food, I ate just the pizza, others ordered pasta and remained satisfied as well.

The menus are written in 4 languages. BUT, if you visit the restaurant for the first time, you are getting a little bit lost as you cann´t understand how everything works here, and you also cann´t find the menus. 

Pizzas from 11 to 15 euros.
Pasta around 10 euros ... 

Buon appetito!