ITB Berlin Convention

Before starting I would like to “show” you at what sessions I had time to assist during the first day of ITB Berlin. Eight sessions, for one of them I waited near the door for half an hour because the auditorium was full, other sessions/workshops that I have planned to listen I just couldn´t find, even the GPS named “asking at each 50 m” didn´t help.

ITB Future Day
The World in 2025 – A journey into the future
The Future of Travel in a Connected World (Facebook)
Big Data – Key resource for advanced customer needs and added value
IPK´s World Travel Monitor: Forecasting Global and European Tourism

Event Apps – Do we really need them?

PhocusWright @ITB
Hotel Meta in Europe and Beyond: What´s next? (Trivago)

ITB eTravel World
The Travel Podcast – Social & Multi-Media Instrument for destinations, Tour Operators and Bloggers
How user–generated content has revolutionized the world of travel.

 I missed the first part of “The world in 2025” but it was mainly about the new technology and how we can benefit from it in tourism. I am still a little bit skeptic about most of them. The society is already lazy enough, how it is going to become if “traveling” from HOME will become reality. I´ve also seen the Google Glasses. Finally I understood their use for tourism: maps, GPS, translation, booking(?) etc.

I´ve listened to speakers from Facebook, Trivago, TripAdvisor, IPK, Expedia and Sabre themselves. The words: BigData, Personalization and Social Media were somehow keywords during the whole day. It was mind-blowing to hear about ups and downs and the future strategies of these big players in the tourism market. 

In conclusion. What I understood: 

The first time will always be “awkward”, and I am happy I made it this year. It means the next year it is going to be easier to “navigate” and I am going to feel more confident.

Read between lines - not every topic in the Program is what you think it is. I went there to hear new information and the one I can’t find in internet or any other media. Of course listening to statistics from the companies and organizations is nice, but listening about how a product (App) functions is not really what I need at this moment. Read between lines and think what is going to be covered at the session!

To remain satisfied about the visit at ITB Berlin there are minimum 2 days needed.

Probably you should go alone. At least I am happy I went alone. In this way I could plan which sessions to visit, how long to stay at each and of course meet new people.