Wellness Tourism - Nowadays Trend

Source: SRI, The Global Wellness Tourism Economy 2013

During the last 2 months I used a lot the words: spa and wellness tourism as a future trend. Why I think so? First of all seeing the well-known map on the World Wide AirTraffic I imagined how many business trips there are, how much stress. And of course the demographical changes that we can easily observe nowadays, without even being an expert; think about the aging population, unhealthy lifestyles, chronic diseases, medical systems with rising costs and too much technology around us.  In our Globalized and so fast-moving world, where every second counts, there is no time for relaxing. We are working and trying to prove ourselves, or trying to earn as much money as we can.

Wellness tourism (which is not Medical Tourism) as a niche market actually grows.  

I´ve started navigating and searching for more information about Wellness Tourism, and I have found a very complex report, commissioned by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), in conjunction with leading research firm SRI International (SRI), and presented at the 2013 Global Wellness Tourism Congress in New Delhi, India. The report´s name is The Global Wellness Tourism Economy 2013, and you can download it from HERE

Source: SRI, The Global Wellness Tourism Economy 2013

This report forecasts that over half of the projected growth in wellness tourism trips through 2017 will take place in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East/North Africa. It also says that Wellness tourism is projected to grow by 9.1% annually through 2017, a growth rate that is nearly 50% higher than that of overall global tourism. Now I see that it is not a "future trend" as I told at the beginning, it is a nowadays trend.

Not to forget Spa, which plays a very important role in the Wellness Tourism, representing about 41% of wellness tourism expenditures.

For all those who got interested in this Wellness Tourism Trend I strongly recommend reading the report and finding our more useful information about it.  You can find it by clicking HERE.


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