My telephone and skype interviews

Last week I experienced something new: both phone and on-line interviews.

In this post I wanted to share with you some basic things I learnt from it because who knows, maybe it will result useful for you and in the future it will help you not to repeat my mistakes.

The Story: One evening I applied to several hotel chains and the next morning I already forgot I did it.  It is still very difficult to find a job in Spain, even if you apply to 50 different companies it doesn´t guarantee you that at least one of them is going to call you back. The next morning I received a call and a very nice and calm voice told me “can you tell me about you”. So here comes the rule:

1. If you send your CV be prepared that someone is going to call you and say “tell me about yourself”. Don´t panic (like I did) and in a natural way start telling the most important things about yourself. 

In my case, the first 2 minutes were something between thriller and suicide. I couldn´t pronounce even my name, just Yes and No. After 2 minutes I understood that this is my one and only chance to talk, and if I screw it up I will cry the whole summer. Of course I forgot to mention a lot of things. That is why:

2.  Even if you have your CV, and the company has your CV, you should also have a very clear and short PLAN of what you are going to say in case you are asked “tell me about yourself”.

The good news is that it seems that I could manage to recover my voice and lucidity, and the next day we even made a Skype interview.

This time I prepared myself. And I did exactly what I am going to mention below:

3. Write a list of things that are important to mention in the interview: the most important work experiences, and your most relevant duties at that places. What important things have you learnt at the University (the ones you think will help you at that job placement); write some questions and some answers that you think they may ask you. For example: Why are you good for our company; Why should we take you; What are your worst qualities (I was asked once this question).
I recommend to write because it always helps to memorize better. It is also easier if you make it schematic. 
This is my example at the right.

4. Think about your clothes. I chose something very standard and classic: a white blouse.
5. Think about your hair. I chose to make myself a ponytail. It looked more professional.
 6. Think about the background. I stayed at home, so I chose (I think) the most proper background there was. I also sat near window, to have more light.
7. Read beforehand about the company you applied to.

Maybe there are more things to consider, but as a first experience of this kind these were my critical points to pay attention to.

How went your first (important) on-line/telephone interview? What are your tips?