Saint Petersburg. Day one

Neva River

Saint Petersburg -  city of palaces bathed in the waters of the River Neva and other not less important canals. Enormous, historical, breathtaking city inspires everyone within the first several hours of stay. With a history of little more than 300 years, it has so much to offer that you are going to "absorb" Russian culture without even noticing it. 

For me there are no must visit cities. From my point of view, as long as you can, travel and go wherever you want and wherever you can. But of course there are, and there should be want to go cities. Saint Petersburg never was one of the "want to go". All my life I have perceived Russia to be as a neighbour country to which I could go whenever I would have the possibility. Oh how wrong I was. The architecture of the city breaths history, breaths power, it just breaths... 

Museum ship: Kreiser "Avrora"

Summer Garden/ Letnii Sad

Peter and Paul Fortress / Petropavlovskaia krepost´

Church of the Saviour on Blood / Sobor Spas na Krovi