IFITT Doctoral Summer School

It is a well-known fact that technology is the factor that drives all the economic sectors (primary, secondary and tertiary). Travel industry is not an exception, actually, it is one of the areas where technology had and still has a very important role. International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT) for the second year in a row organizes the Doctoral Summer School, place to learn, discuss and analyze technology in tourism. This year it will be held in Helsinki, Finland, 5th – 8th June.

WHAT IS IFITT Summer Doctoral School:

The IFITT Doctoral Summer School is a unique platform for knowledge and idea exchange in the field of Travel and Tourism technologies. The summer school will provide inspirational and practical insights on the actual and future technological trends. Early-career researchers, both at Master's and Doctoral level, will familiarize themselves with various research methodologies and will be introduced to the world of academic publishing. Parallel sessions will help in sharing and discussing research ideas, as well as provide participants with valuable and topic-specific feedback. (Source)


In terms of credits and contents, this intensive program of 2-3 days might easily replace any half year course, providing even more value and knowledge. Tech trends are one of those factors that affect the most tourism and travel development; that is why keeping up-dated on this topic is substantial. It also gives the possibility to network and meet people that are as interested in tourism development as you are, and learn from them, of course.


Some of the considered topics are: how to write stories in academic papers (Dimitrios Buhalis), e-business skills in tourism (Juho Pesonen), publishing in academic journals for a phd student (Christian Laesser) and a lot more. Here you can read the whole program.

TOPICS 2013:

In 2013 the discussed topics were also very interesting, regarding segmentation, network analysis, how to survive a PhD process and get awarded for it and others. Here you can find all the report for 2013 IFITT Doctoral Summer School.

All in all this is the place where the knowledge on technology in tourism arises and grows.