APP Trade Center 2014. Review.

Tourism and technology go hand in hand and this relationship between these two can be seen and even felt. Studying tourism means studying and understanding all of its components; that is why I considered that #ATC2014 is a trade that should be visited.

What is ATC2014?

App Trade Centre ( ) is the place where companies (and mostly innovators) present their products related to apps, new technologies, softwares and hardwares. ATC2014 is a second edition of App Fair that was supposed to be one of the biggest in Spain.

I would like to express my opinion on the fair, from the point of view of a person that doesn´t understand a thing in technology, and I also asked Viorel, who studied a Telecommunication Degree (4 years) and supposedly knows several things about technology.

Ilona: I must say I was disappointed. Even if they say there were a milliard people at the event, I could barely count one hundred. There were no more than 15 (or less) companies exposing their products at the fair, so I couldn´t really understand how it comes it was the biggest one. (The only one fits better) With all that I spent a nice time trying the Google Glass, the virtual reality game, and finding out about several new companies like Yeeply and Meets. These two definitely deserve a special post about them. The truth is that the convention program looked pretty good and professional, but 50 euros was too much for us. There were speakers from Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Energy System etc. The basic topics were about #marketing, #development, #app trends, mobile commerce and others.

Viorel: En un principio no puedo decir que no me gustó la expo, pero me esperaba a algo mucho más grande y con muchos stands y empresas que desean exponer sus labores. En mi caso, no aprendí nada nuevo ya que las empresas que expusieron se centraron más en vender sus productos o aplicaciones y no en explicar cómo las han diseñado o programado. La aplicación que más atención e interés se llevó de mi parte fue “Meets” – que trata de  relacionar a la gente en diferentes eventos. Me sorprendió que tiene la posibilidad de enviar correos o mensajes a la gente que invitas aunque estos no tengan la App instalada. De todas formas fue una forma bastante buena de ver que ocurre en el mercado Valenciano y sin duda iría más veces a este tipo de exposiciones.